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Financial Literacy
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April is Financial Literacy Month

Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program

The Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program is a nationwide program which provides high school and college educators easy access to volunteer professionals from the bankruptcy community who go into the schools to teach students important financial literacy lessons, tactics and techniques to help them understand how to use credit wisely, avoid credit card debt and understand the consequences of leading a debt-filled rather than a debt-free life. To learn more about the Program, go to, which includes a Federal Judicial Center Documentary.

Legal Up

Legal Up! Is a four-part, modular series of interactive workshops proposed by the Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership designed to address these challenges in ways that interweave practical advice and legal information for youth. The first module provides an Overview of the Law and its importance in the lives of individuals and communities, a basic understanding of the law, and an individual’s rights and responsibilities within the law.

The second module deals with Housing and Landlord/Tenant Law. Understanding of the law as it applies to landlord/ tenant relationships helps youth learn what will be necessary to find and maintain consistent and stable housing, which itself has a positive effect on educational
achievement and employment .

The third module addresses Employment and The Law. The workshop on employment, in addition to providing practical advice on job-seeking, is designed to help participants understand the legal structure that governs their relationship with an employer and the protections afforded employees.

The Fourth module, which is critical to long-term financial stability, is Financial Literacy Education . This workshop, not only helps participants understand the law, and how it applies to consumers and financial transactions, but it aims to teach participants how to be fiscally responsible and how to establish and maintain credit.

For more information, and to learn how you can start a Legal Up! program in your district, contact Judge Laurel Isicoff at

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